Guardian: Top 10 things we learned from Germany 4-0 Argentina

4) Has anyone in history ever looked forward to World Cups more than Miroslav Klose? Not only is he now just one shy of the competition’s all-time scoring leader Ronald, but he has also scored more goals at the 2010 World Cup (4) than he did in the Bundesliga all season (4). Truly he is the anti-Wayne Rooney.

7) For all those unable to understand the fuss over Luis Suarez’s paltry one-match ban, consider this: the Uruguyan deliberately handballed to prevent a goal that would have knocked his team out of the World Cup and received a one match ban. Germany’s Thomas Muller, meanwhile, commits two minor infringements over the course of FIVE games and gets the same punishment. And that’s justice?

9) And so England’s best result of the tournament comes almost a full week after the team was eliminated from it. Suddenly that 4-1 loss doesn’t seem so bad, does it? After all – at least we scored a goal against the Germans. Oh, alright, TWO goals.