#TVHackday 2014 ended – with our product #fJUzza winning. Oh.

Wow. I was lucky to be part of a really great team that  programmed / hacked three cool, connected apps with a decent UX at the TV Hackday 2014 here in Berlin. We call our  product fJUzza (pronounced view-ser) because we focus on product, not marketing 😉

Find six slides about the project here (PDF – 0,5mb) 

Events in general

What everyone / the team did, step by step:


  • Just register for TV Hackday & attend

  • Find & pitch the idea of „subscribing“ to news topics via a TV-remote to get updates  on these topics on a smartphone at a later point (the afternoon, tomorrow, next week…)
  • Brainstorm and define a mission statement: „Our news-loving customers mark interesting TV-Content with their remote on the couch and get their personalized updates on the road on their smartphones.“
  • Find the right  people to do this, brainstorm, team up and form four sub-teams
  • Work  saturday and -night at the TV United Studios in Berlin-Moabit
  • Face great collaboration and focused, friendly atmosphere.
  • And stress.
  • And fun!
  • Yearn for an interaction designer
  • Be thankful for the great organization. Thanks, @digitalerfilm, @sebflock, Medienanstalt Berlin Brandenburg!
  • Feel anxious & relieved a little bit later.

  • Pitch the result together with eight other teams
  • Win the 1st Prize together with the guys from „Till I Collapse“ (Congratulations, @maccosmo &  )
  • Watch @kaymis  win a prize – like every time he shows up. (for use of API this time) Well done, as usual! 🙂

About the event in general

The topic of www.TVHackday.de:

24 Hours of pure hacking, focused on innovation and technology in the television industry in order to create something that has never existed before. For tinkerers, inventors, tech geeks, storytellers, design junkies and strategists alike!

Short version: A hackathon around television-related ideas. Round about 50 people from Germany and France (Hello arte.tv!) chose to spend their weekend in the TV United Studio in Berlin-Moabit chasing down fluffy ideas and forcing them into executable products / demos by Sunday, 4 o’clock sharp.